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Anisa Sanusi

Video Games UI/UX Designer
Hutch Games Ltd.

Anisa Sanusi is a UI/UX designer from Malaysia based in London. Having worked in UI design in various games across PC, consoles and mobile, Sanusi has cultivated a devotion to good UX practices in games. In 2016 she was ranked in Develop Magazines 30 Under 30 list and was nominated for a DevelopHER Award. She also participated on a ethnic diversity panel at the European Women In Games Conference that year. In 2017, Sanusi was a speaker at the very first UX Summit held at GDC in San Francisco. Alongside being an active member of the BAFTA Crew Games programme, she has served as a Juror for the BAFTA Games Awards and BAFTA Young Games Designer Awards.

Anisa Sanusi will be speaking at:

Developer Session 3: UI Design. A Brief History of UI with You and I

2017/09/06 14:00 - 14:55

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