• Tickets for 11-12 September will be on sale shortly. Watch this space.

Women in Games WIGJ is launching a series of workshops to educate and inspire more women in streaming and esports called “Esports Afternoon from Women in Games.”

WIGJ has assembled 12 of the UK’s top streamers and esports professionals to speak to both games industry professionals and those that are keen to learn about working in esports. You can see the programme at

Tickets for this afternoon’s event are free as part of the annual, 2 full day, conference which is supported by traditional games publishers and developers who are not involved in esports.

How can you help?

  • Please spread the word to promote this event to your friends and colleagues and to the wider esports audience.
  • Please come and join us at the event. Books some tickets! 
  • Add your company’s name to the event as a Partner of Sponsor to show that everyone in esports is serious about making esports a thriving environment for everyone.

Tickets are available from the main conference site at

This is the first event of its kind in the UK where the positive message that esports is also for women is backed up by some concrete action.  WIGJ is a not for profit. WIGJ and a small number of male and female esports professionals are giving their time for free to expand the industry in the UK. You can be part of it!

WIGJ is pleased to announce a partnership with 2K in an effort to encourage career opportunities for women in the games industry, and foster diverse and inclusive hiring efforts across the publisher and its development studios. Starting at the European Women in Games Conference at City, University of London Sept. 11-12, 2K and Hangar 13 are kicking off a long-term partnership with Women in Games – a not for profit organisation that works to recruit more women into the games industry and support those already working in the industry.

“Women in Games is a fantastic organization that’s been instrumental in supporting diversity in the games industry for nearly 10 years,” said Melissa Bell, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing at 2K. “We hope this partnership leads to more women joining the development and marketing teams at 2K and Hangar 13, but our goal is to support women in the industry at large.”

Hangar 13 – one of 2K’s leading AAA development studios – is sponsoring and hosting several events and speakers at the European Women in Games Conference, in addition to presenting at the European Advocacy Awards and staging a recruitment booth at the event. Hangar 13 recently opened a new office in Brighton, UK in addition to offices in Novato, California and two in the Czech Republic, and is now focused on a recruitment and hiring push to support their recently confirmed in-development new IP.

“Diversity is good for game development,” said Haden Blackman, Global Studio Head and Creative Director at Hangar 13. “Having a broad range of perspectives working to make and market your game means that the game will resonate with and reach more people. We’re very excited to support Women in Games and other organizations that are working hard to connect developers and publishers to diverse and talented people.”

In addition to participation at upcoming Women in Games events, as a Corporate Ambassador, 2K and Hangar 13 will also be joining the Women in Games Board.

The 2018 Awards are sponsored by Facebook and will again celebrate the lifetime achievements of women working in the games industry in Europe.

Nominations for these awards are welcome up to 25 August. Please contact a WIGJ Board member or email 2018awards AT womeningames DOT org. A shortlist for voting will be put together by the WIGJ Board. The winners for 2018 will be based on votes cast by peers who are members of the Women in Games groups on LinkedIn and Facebook or followers of @wigj on Twitter. The final decision will be ratified by the WIGJ Board.

Those shortlisted are encouraged to use social media to secure votes at the same time as promoting the Women in Games organisation and the European Women in Games Conference. The Awards will be made on 12th September, on the second day of the European Women in Games Conference. Good luck to everyone involved!

You can see details of our wonderful previous Hall of Fame Awards winners at

WIGJ announce evening European Advocacy Awards and call for conference speakers and sponsors

Women in Games WIGJ is pleased to announce that the European Games Advocacy Awards and WIGJ Party will take place on the Tuesday 11th September at a venue near to City, University of London.

Women in Games wishes to recognise the Advocates for Change in the European Games sector.

WIGJ has a 10 year history of advocacy but many more causes beyond diversity are now being discussed and promoted. A number of outstanding Advocates will be invited by WIGJ to present to delegates at the conference and attend a ceremony in the evening where the Awards will be presented. The evening will continue with a networking Party to which both conference delegates and local game developers will be invited. These are new events and partners are now being sought to make these a success.

David Smith, Founder of WIGJ commented, “WIGJ wishes to recognise the importance of the many causes and the individuals behind these causes.  An evening event also lets us celebrate the achievements of the last year and thank our many supporters and allies.  Look out for more announcements for this years conference and get involved! Sign up to speak and get your friends and work colleagues lined up to join us.”

Facebook is the headline sponsor for this year’s European Women in Games Conference which takes place 11-12 September at City, University of London. The themes for 2018 are Education, Entrepreneurship, Engagement, Equality, Evolution and Esports. Our public call for speakers and sponsors starts today. Any speaker or company interested in taking part in Europe’s most high profile games diversity event should contact our CEO, Marie-Claire Isaaman or Founder, David Smith.