• 2019 Conference. Save the date! 3 days 10-12 September 2019 in London!

Heroine’s Journey – Take Charge of your Career Workshop

14:00 - 14:55

‘We’re used the the myth of the lone hero (usually male) who sets out on a quest, overcomes obstacles and wins the prize – The Hero’s Journey. As well as a template for stories and games, many of us try to navigate our careers in this way. Yet it can feel like a lonely and competitive path, and sometimes the prize we have worked for can feel empty when we finally achieve it.

There is another way. Women have their own path known as The Heroine’s Journey – a series of stages that allow us to be true to ourselves and navigate our path through work and life in a way that values our strengths. In this workshop you will learn the essential differences between the Heroine’s and the Hero’s path, and how you can apply this to your career to achieve the results you want with less stress and more ease’.


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