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Elle Osili-Wood

Jounalist, Presenter and Producer

Elle Osili-Wood is a video gaming and culture presenter, with over a decade of experience in journalism. Having started her career as a political reporter for the BBC, she quickly gravitated toward her life long passion for video games, and has appeared on air to cover gaming for outlets including BBC Breakfast, BBC Click, Channel 4’s Gadget Man, Sky News and The Guardian.

Elle is also the founder of YouTube channel Bear vs. Grenade, and was named a “rising star of YouTube” by Red Bull. An esports fanatic, she hosted the inaugural UK Esports Awards, and currently presents GAME’s weekly esports show, Arena Clash.

Elle Osili-Wood will be speaking at:

Press Start to Play: The changing role of video games journalism

2018/09/12 14:00 - 14:55

ESPORTS: Become a presenter, shoutcaster or showhost or tournament organiser

2018/09/11 14:30 - 15:25

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