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Lisa Brightman

Twitch Streamer and M.E. Campaigner

Lisa became ill with ME/CFS in October 2015 and had to give up her career as a history teacher. After realising she could no longer teach and be active in educating the way she used to she discovered Twitch. Initially, it was a way to make contact with other humans in a safe environment which could be managed around her symptoms, but she rapidly realised it was a platform she could use to push for positive change! Lisa is an active collaborator with the charity M.E. Action, and since October 2017, she has been working to educate and fund-raise one stream at a time.

Lisa Brightman will be speaking at:

ESPORTS: Meet the Stars. Hear from our Pro Streamers. Influencing the world from home.

2018/09/11 12:15 - 13:25

European Advocacy Awards Presentations

2018/09/11 15:30 - 16:25

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